Working with Broken Fence Studios is such a pleasure. As a professional photographer it is imperative that I work with creative, artistic, talented, dependable people. Tracey has proven to be all that and more. Her contributions to my business have allowed me to consistently delight my customers. Because of her work I've been able to make great leaps in the advancement of my business vision.

Benjamin Buren,

I love the promotional video you've done for my business. Most of the weddings I do have extremely high budgets ($100K plus), and the couples are looking for perfection. You've delivered exactly the right touch, and I'm thrilled!

Kathy Vaughan, A Beautiful Memory

Tracey, your work is so wonderful! Wow - I love your designs. I just love them! My client for this latest project loves them so much that she couldn't choose, so she's going to buy two sets! Great work.

Michelle Maloy Dillon, Michelle Maloy Dillon Photography

Tracey Dolsen

Owner & Artist

I began my professional life as a computer scientist specializing in user interface design and development. I have always loved creating beautiful things, and for more than 10 years I have had the opportunity to do that every single day for my clients.

Broken Fence Studios

We're not big, but we're not tiny. We're big enough to have top-notch talent to take care of all your projects, no matter how large they might be. We're small enough to know your name and be excited to talk to you every time you call.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, our office is a haven for creativity and the home of absulutely superb customer service.