Go Book

Graphi Studio

This magical product is both an album and a shelf display. The album, richly printed with an image on the cover and your choice of 40 fun colors for the spine and back, comes nestled in a display box. The box has a transparent cover held in place by strong magnets, so you can set your box on a shelf to display and protect your sample album until your clients want to take it out and browse! If you shoot portraits, be sure to show this product to your clients. It practically sells itself! Turnaround is a couple of weeks, and shipping is $15.

Signature Album

Miller's Professional Imaging

This classic coffee table album is tailored to your specifications for a sophisticated presentation. Featuring a wide variety of options including gilding, extra-thick pages, foil stamping, and five different cover types to choose from, this album is a superb way to preserve and experience your client's special memories. These albums are consistently high quality, and Miller's turns them around in just a few days. Two day shipping is included.


Nation's Photo Lab

This sturdy offering is an excellent value for your price-sensitive clients. Leather, linen, and image wrap cover options are included; otherwise, there aren't many options to ponder for this album. Still, the price point is attractive for many clients. We recommend upgrading to thick pages for this album, which is also an excellent choice for multi-volume sets.

Complete Album Box Exclusive


These albums are hand-crafted in Poland and come in a luxuriously textured padded box. You can choose from a variety of cameo sizes for the cover, and you can get an optional matching USB drive for digital file delivery. We love the metallic finish option, which makes the images pop. nPhoto has excellent customer service and offers great deals on sample albums.

Young Book

Graphi Studio

We love everything about this album! The album itself comes is extremely heavy and well-made, and it comes in a box wrapped in soft Italian leather. The materials are completely customizable; you can select colors for the outside and inside of the box as well as the back of the album and the lift ribbon. Though pricey options, we recommend the metallic finish and the acrylic cover, which turn this presentation into a work of art. Turnaround is a couple of weeks, and shipping is $15.