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Business / July, 2017

Stand Out Online As A "Must-Have" Photographer

What can make you stand out online as a “must-have” photographer? Of course your images play a key role in having people recognize that you are the perfect photographer for your potential client’s perfect day.

But how can you step it up a level and create that first magical experience when your potential client connects with you online? How can you generate the emotion and feeling from your clients that bellows....“that’s my photographer! That’s the one!”.....

Contests / July, 2017

Wedding Joy Instagram Contest

Enter our INSTAGRAM CONTEST and WIN a $50 Amazon Gift Card AND a Free Album Design!

Join us for a month of sharing Wedding Joy! Just pick out your favorite wedding image(s) that touched your heart, got the tears rolling or made you double over in a belly laugh.

Then follow @broken_fence_studios on Instagram, post your image on your Instagram account tagged with #broken_fence_studios_joy, and you will be in the running to WIN!

Starts TODAY and runs through Aug. 22, 2017

Testimonials / July, 2017

Professional, Fast, and Cost-Effective

New client photographer Beau Blackburn of Blue Spruce Wedding Photography says: "Very slick and professional design based around my branding. The turnaround time was so much quicker than expected. Communication is prompt. Costs are very competitive. Tracey is good at what she does and I look forward to many albums to come!" Thanks, Beau - we appreciate the kind words!
Design / July, 2017

3 Ways to Jazz Up Your Portraits

Lots of photographers take fantastic portraits then put them in ho-hum presentations for their clients.

Sometimes just a minor tweak or addition can turn a plain-jane frame into a thrilling display that brings your clients back for more! Here are three easy ways to jazz up your portraits this summer....

Testimonials / June, 2017

The Most Beautiful Story Imaginable

Photographer Gale Dunlap has said she will never use another designer besides Broken Fence Studios. When asked why, she had this to say: "Broken Fence Studios doesn't just parade the images across the page. They tell the story in the most beautiful terms imaginable! That's exactly what my clients want, and that's why they tell their friends about me....."
Business / June, 2017

The Best Story Wins

Can you think of anything better than a good story? Stories are how we relate to and understand one another, and there are so many great ones out there. They stand the test of time, passed on from person to person, generation to generation. They are made into books, poems, plays, movies, TV shows, urban legends, cave paintings... you get the idea.

In Annette Simmons book, “Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins”, she writes:

“Telling personal stories teaches you storytelling from the inside out by putting emotion and personal connections first...when you tell your own heart-felt stories about what is meaningful in your life and work, you get the hang of finding stories that frame life and work in emotionally meaningful ways for your audience. Telling personal stories helps you put experience into perspective.”

You hold the road map that will allow your ideal client to navigate to their desired destination. When they can relate to you and understand that you can relate to them, they are more likely to see that you are the perfect photographer for them....

Design / June, 2017

The Best Way to Tell a Story

Picture this: Your brides and grooms spent months, maybe years, pouring over the smallest details to ensure that their special day unfolded exactly the way they had dreamed it. You worked tirelessly to make sure you captured every single special moment so they can relive their day and experience those emotions for years to come. You skillfully edited those images, using your expertise in your craft to create the elements of the world's greatest story for your clients. At this moment, you choose how you're going to tell that story.

You CAN slap those images into an inexpensive design tool, click the auto-layout button, and tell yourself this is the most efficient way to give your clients an album that documents their day. Maybe you can actually tell a story in 10 minutes, but that doesn't mean it will be a great story. Your clients, and your images, deserve more than that.....

Resources / June, 2017

BFS Referral Means a Gift For YOU!

We LOVE Referrals! But we want to make it worth your time and effort. That's why we have created an irresistible opportunity, just for you! For every photographer you refer to us who becomes a client, we will give you a Single Song Video, custom made with your images. It can be a promotional video for your company, a video for a client, or a video as a gift for someone you love. Your choice! If you know anyone who needs help with album design, post-event processing or videos, send them our way!

Testimonials / May, 2017

Thanks for Understanding My Business Needs!

We’ve been getting more and more clients who are upgrading their sample albums to get higher-end clients and sale more robust packages.

One such client is Katrina Brown from Katrina Marie Photography in Cincinnati. We had a blast working with her on a stunning cultural wedding sample album and she had this to say about working with Broken Fence Studios:

“I really appreciate the time and effort spent working on my project. Paige and Tracey did a fabulous job understanding my business needs and the idea, and correctly captured the essence of what I wanted to do. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was such a pleasure to work with you both...."
Business / May, 2017

Choosing the Right Designer

More Time AND Great Designs!

At some point, there comes a time where you’ve got to get help with the detailed tasks that are stealing your time. You know, those things that hang around in your head; keeping you from growing your photography business and spending most of your time in your brilliance and passion of photography. Of course, one of the most time consuming of those tasks is creating beautiful albums your bride and groom will cherish for a lifetime.....
Design / May, 2017

One Size Does Not Fit All

Without variety, the world would be a dull, dull place. The flip side of that coin is “there’s no accounting for taste!” Either way you look at it, you and your clients may have significantly different ideas about what makes an album beautiful. You want to be sure to have a variety of designs to show your clients so they can find the one that touches their emotions and has them screaming, “Yes, I LOVE that one!” ....
Business / April, 2017

How to Leverage Work You've Already Done

As you grow your photography business, it’s important to be clear on the ways income can come in and where you are focusing your efforts for the biggest payoff and return on your investment of Time, Energy and Money. There are basically 3 ways for income to come into any business.

1) Active Income: (Most of your time) For most photographers, this is your bread and butter. This includes your photo shoots and direct client interaction. It requires you and your time every step of the way and is the fastest way to make money – and you love it, right?!

2) Leveraged Income: (Less of your time) This is where a) you have a second shooter for more coverage of the event or to do the entire shoot for you while you are off doing another shoot or getting more clients, or b) you offer additional products using images you have already shot such as albums, canvas gallery wraps, metal prints, enlarged reprints, slideshows, etc. .....
Design / April, 2017

The Right Frame of Mind

Frames give you an opportunity to express yourself and showcase your images. Whether you’re designing for an album, a portfolio, or a beautiful piece of wall art, pay attention to the impact that your choice of framing can have. Consider the examples above. The first one is a classic presentation with no frame at all. .....
Resources / April, 2017

The GoBook!

Because we work with a variety of printers, we have first-hand experience with products from many different vendors. There are some we LOVE, and some that, well, we wouldn’t recommend. One of our hands-down favorites is the GoBook from Graphi. Click on the video link below to see why. (And yes, that's Tracey's son Wes, a brilliant magician, featured in the album ;-)
Business / March, 2017

Time is Your Most Valuable Asset

As CEO of your professional photography business, you are your own boss. As wonderful as that is, sometimes it can be a bit daunting.

The biggest and most crucial decision you make on a daily basis is determining the absolute best use of your valuable and outside of your business.

So where do you start figuring that out?

Here is a process that can help you start prioritizing where you spend your time.....
Design / March, 2017

Backgrounds Matter!

You want your image to be the focal point of any presentation, whether it’s an album, wall art, or a simple frame. What’s behind your image deserves some serious thought, because it can change the impact of your image! Consider the four presentations above.

The one with a plain white background evokes an entirely different feeling than the presentation with the solid black background. The one that picks up a color from the image and uses that as the background feels totally different from the one with the textures and layers.....

Resources / March, 2017

Throw Your Designs Over the Fence!

We can help you with all aspects of creating your wedding albums. START TO FINISH! Or, we can do just the design for you.

How does it work?

- send us your images you have already shot - Yes, that's it!

Broken Fence Studios:
- Design a stunning, unique album for each of your clients
- Work with the printer of your choice on all details of production
- Deliver an incredible, one-of-a-kind album to your brides

And believe it or not, you can start for as little as $4 a page! Woohoo.....