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Testimonial: The Most Beautiful Story Imaginable

Photographer Gale Dunlap has said she will never use another designer besides Broken Fence Studios. When asked why, she had this to say: "Broken Fence Studios doesn't just parade the images across the page. They tell the story in the most beautiful terms imaginable! That's exactly what my clients want, and that's why they tell their friends about me."

Business: The Best Story Wins

Can you think of anything better than a good story? Stories are how we relate to and understand one another, and there are so many great ones out there. They stand the test of time, passed on from person to person, generation to generation. They are made into books, poems, plays, movies, TV shows, urban legends, cave paintings... you get the idea.

In Annette Simmons book, “Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins”, she writes:

“Telling personal stories teaches you storytelling from the inside out by putting emotion and personal connections first...when you tell your own heart-felt stories about what is meaningful in your life and work, you get the hang of finding stories that frame life and work in emotionally meaningful ways for your audience. Telling personal stories helps you put experience into perspective.”

You hold the road map that will allow your ideal client to navigate to their desired destination. When they can relate to you and understand that you can relate to them, they are more likely to see that you are the perfect photographer for them.

Sharing your story and the stories of your clients, whether through your images or text, allows you the most powerful opportunity to connect with your ideal client on a very personal and intimate level. We encourage you to explore what parts of your story relate to what is going on for your perspective clients and get it out there on instagram, facebook, other social media, your blog and of course your website.

What are 3 to 5 things about you personally and professionally that can create connection with your ideal client, (e.g. your passion for why you do what you do and other passions you have such as travel, pets, family, hobbies, etc.)?

Be sure to also have some client stories to tell when you are speaking with a potential client and make sure your albums and other products reflect those stories.

Communicating your story, and those of your clients, can lead to a business full of happy, ideal clients who will want to share their story with even more ideal clients. And that makes for a happy you!

Design: The Best Way to Tell a Story

Picture this: Your brides and grooms spent months, maybe years, pouring over the smallest details to ensure that their special day unfolded exactly the way they had dreamed it. You worked tirelessly to make sure you captured every single special moment so they can relive their day and experience those emotions for years to come. You skillfully edited those images, using your expertise in your craft to create the elements of the world's greatest story for your clients. At this moment, you choose how you're going to tell that story.

You CAN slap those images into an inexpensive design tool, click the auto-layout button, and tell yourself this is the most efficient way to give your clients an album that documents their day. Maybe you can actually tell a story in 10 minutes, but that doesn't mean it will be a great story. Your clients, and your images, deserve more than that.

You CAN spend hours slaving away in an expensive design tool to create an incredible work of art that weaves the fantastic story of their day, then you can tell yourself it was worth all that time because your clients deserve your best and that's how you get referrals and more business. You've told a much better story for your clients, but wouldn't you rather spend your time on photography and growing your business than on struggling with designs and products?

OR.... You CAN hand off those amazing images to a cost-efficient professional storyteller who is as passionate about great albums as you are about great photography, and you can congratulate yourself on a winning decision. Your clients end up with the world's greatest story and refer all their friends to you, and you have time to grow your business and enjoy photography again.

Spend some time on the examples below and you'll understand why autolayout programs can't tell the same stories that designers can.

Example 1: It's the little things. Take a look at these two layouts. If you put these three images in an autolayout program, you'll get something like the layout on the top. That's a fine layout, but it doesn't tell the story that the layout on the bottom tells. No matter how many times you press the "re-generate" button, you'll never the get layout on the bottom from the autolayout program. It's not a complicated layout to create, but it's much more effective at communicating the emotion of the moment, and it tells a better story. A professional designer recognizes these emotions and tells their stories, and clients notice and appreciate that attention to detail. [Images: AliveStudios.Com]

Example 2: Make the most of it. Here we have the autolayout on the top again. The professionally designed layout is on the bottom. The auto program isn't going to select the right image to move to the background and turn black and white, and it isn't going to position the images to highlight Nicholas's eyes and expression. [Images: Bobbie Turner Photography]

The moral: It may be possible to tell a story in 10 minutes, but that doesn't mean you should.

Resources: BFS Referral Means a Gift For YOU!

We LOVE Referrals! But we want to make it worth your time and effort. That's why we have created an irresistible opportunity, just for you! For every photographer you refer to us who becomes a client, we will give you a Single Song Video, custom made with your images. It can be a promotional video for your company, a video for a client, or a video as a gift for someone you love. Your choice! If you know anyone who needs help with album design, post-event processing or videos, send them our way!

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