Slideshow Videos

The Perfect Way to Showcase Your Images

Promotional Videos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless! At Broken Fence Studios, we can help you show off your images in a stunning promotional video that will have your phone ringing off the hook. One look at our own promotional video and you'll see the quality and attention to detail that we will bring to your project. For more examples of our promotional work, check out the promotional page of our gallery.

Event Recap Videos

We make beautiful one-song videos that are perfect for recapping an event. Your client can select a song (or we're happy to choose!), then you give us up to 50 images from the event. We make a gorgeous video that keeps the memories fresh! Many of our clients show these videos when their clients log in to purchase wedding prints, and they insist it makes their clients spend more!

Specialty Videos

This graduation video is a fantastic example of our specialty video work. This is a full-length video of about 10 minutes, which is a good amount of time for a video that will be shown in a group setting.

Portrait Videos

After a portrait shoot, how do your clients enjoy their images? Reprints, surely, and hopefully albums too. In this digital age, here's another presentation they will love and share.

Birthday Videos

In an age where friends and family are scattered all over the globe, a 50th birthday video that brings everyone together is a joy. We love to make videos like this one for our private clients, where friends and family send in pictures and wishes for the guest of honor. Photographers and event planners: we can do this for your clients too!

Travel Videos

What better way to share the awesome memories of a great trip than a travel video? Here's an example that shows our work and makes clients want to go back and travel more. Photographers and event planners: we can do this for your clients too!

Memorial Videos

A memorial video is a lovely way to allow family and friends of the deceased to express all sorts of emotions. Amusing images can break the tension, and tender pictures can allow the emotions to flow. At Broken Fence Studios, our memorial videos are filled with compassion. Samples available upon request.